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About Us

Avant-Garde Fire is a leading provider of innovative fire engineering solutions. We specialize in the design review, inspection, and monitoring of fire protection systems for a wide range of industries and applications.



At Avant-Garde Fire, our vision is to provide comprehensive, expert-driven fire safety third-party inspection and design reviews. By leading the industry in applying a holistic approach to fire safety evaluations, we aim to become the trusted partner for insurers, engineers, and property owners, setting new benchmarks in fire safety standards across global codes and disciplines.



Avant-Garde Fire’s mission is to redefine fire safety standards by providing unparalleled third-party inspection and design review services. Leveraging our team of experts, we strive to exceed the expectations of insurance companies, fire engineers, and building owners. Our comprehensive evaluations cover all aspects of fire safety, utilizing SANS, NFPA, FM Global, EN, and BS codes, to deliver a complete fire safety package. We aim to fill the critical need for a holistic fire safety assessment, offering third-party reviews for fire protection plans and designs, ensuring the utmost safety and compliance.

Fire Engineer Inspector



Exceptional Leadership in Third-Party Fire Safety Inspection and Review

Aim to be recognized as the foremost authority in comprehensive fire safety evaluations, leveraging our expertise to set industry-leading standards.


Deliver Comprehensive Risk Assessments

Provide detailed and holistic risk assessments for fire safety, utilizing a broad spectrum of global codes and standards to ensure thorough protection strategies for our clients.


Foster Educational Excellence

Cultivate a team of world-class experts with advanced degrees in fire safety, emphasizing continuous learning and innovation in fire safety practices.


Enhance Industry Collaboration

Build robust partnerships with insurance companies, fire engineers, and building owners to offer a unified approach to fire safety, filling a critical gap in the market.


Drive Innovation in Fire Safety Technologies

Explore and integrate the latest technologies and methodologies in fire safety evaluation to enhance the precision and effectiveness of our services.